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Driver Throws Annoying Passenger Off the Bus. Literally.

by Theta1138   September 07, 2011 at 11:00AM  |  Views: 1,024
Driver Throws Annoying Passenger Off the Bus. Literally.

Using public transit has many joys, mostly of the "saving money" and "not burning gas" variety. But it also has many agonies, usually of the "Will that guy just shut up already?" and "What's that smell?" variety. So hail the hero who deals with at least one of these problems the best way possible.

Namely, by kicking some butt.

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We don't know who this hero is: the video was uploaded over the holiday weekend, and currently, DC Metro is trying to find whoever shot it so they can interview them for more details. Before you ask, no, despite the fact that the driver's face is very clear on the video, they claim to be unable to recognize him. We're a bit skeptical, ourselves.

Nor do we know who the irritating guy is who the driver forcibly ejected from the bus, but we'll say this: considering how annoying the guy who gets on the bus, blocks the door, and immediately starts blabbing the driver's ear off actually is, he might just be hiding in shame.

No word on how this driver will be dealing with the smell problem, but we assume it will involve pulling the personification of stench itself from human imagination and slamming it in a car door a few times.

Source: i-tube/AccessTheDMV


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