Gladiator Vs Atilla The Hun

January 9, 2011

What happened when two warriors from different times colldied to see who is deadlier? This is the Deadliest Warrior!

Attila The Hun vs Gladiator, to see who is deadlier we put there weapons to the test to see who is better. Today the weapons we'll test for the Gladiator are:
The Sica,Trident and Net combo,The Roman Sling, and the Scissor!

The weapons we'll test for Attila the Hun Are:
The Sword of Mars, The Lasso,The Hunnic Bow,and the Sythian Axe!

                                         CLOSE RANGE
The Sica vs the Sword of Mars. The Sica nearly cuts off a arm as for the Sword of Mars decapitates. So the edge goes to Attila for his Sword of Mars.

Trident and Net vs The Lasso. The Lasso chokes a man to death as the Trident and Net blinds and stabs. So the edge goes to the Gladiator and his Trident and Net combo.

                                          LONG RANGE
The Roman Sling vs the Hunnic Bow. The Roman Sling breaks a skull as the Hunnic Bow penetrates harder then any other bow i've seen. So with that, Attila Wins with his mighty bow.

                                     SPECIAL WEAPON
Sythian Axe Vs Scissor. The Scissor cuts a cow in half as the Sythian Axe decapitates a human. The close winner is the Gladiator with his Scissor. A cow is stronger than a human head so the edge goes to the Gladiator.

             A Gladiator fights another Gladiator in a stadium. Attila the Hun hears the cheering not far away, so he gets on his horse and charges toward the arena. Once he got to the arena, he saw just about a 1,000 people there. The 2 Gladiators didn't seem pleased with his arrival. One charged toward him with his Sica. Attila seemed to like the Gladiator's attitude. As the Gladiator got in range, Attila slashed his chest. Attila seemed to laugh when the Gladiator died. "Whos next" Attila asked. "That would be me" the other Gladiator answered. "Ahhh, the man with that round jar on his head." Attila taunted. "How pathetic! I thought Rome would bring more of a challenge!" The Gladiator charged in anger with his Trident. Attila got out his lasso and tied it around the Trident. As he pulled back, the barbs broke the lasso. The Gladiator tries to stab Attila but Attila moved out of the way