Deadliest warrior: Joan of Arc Vs Boudica The Warrior Queen

January 22, 2011

Short Range: Broad Sword v. Long Sword: Draw, both swords are quite powerful and can cleave through a balistic gel torso with no problems at all

Medium Range: Lance v. Great Axe: Great Axe since it shows tremendous amount of power and size and inflict serious damage and catastrophe

Long Range: Crossbow V. Sling: Crossbow due to its accuracy and highest lethal potential when it hits

Special Weapons: Mace v. Dagger: Mace Due to its powerful blows when it hits the opponents body that would cause massive trauma or even death.

The Battle:

The Simulation begins when The Warrior queen Boudica is seen sitting down on the grass field sharpening her sword and axe while her sling is next to her. Then suddenly she hears something coming from a distant like a horse running faster and closer within her direction. The warrior queen shealts her sword and picks up her sling and prepares a rock. The the warrior queen sees a diffrent warrior on horse back with a strange armor, diffrent from the roman soldiers or commander she has seen in battle before. Queen boudica launches her first rock and misses the horse back warrior. The warrior Queen once again loads her sling and launches it again and hits the helmet of the strange warrior. Joan of Arc retaliates by swinging her mace torwards the warrior queen which knocks off the sling off her hands. Joan of arc manages to turn the horse around and prepares for another swing.Queen Boudica manages to run fast enough in order to get into her chariot and pick up her slings again. Once she is on her chariot, The warrior queen launches her stone which hits Joan of Arc in the Helmet once again but this time she drops her mace. Boudica manages to Pull out her great axe will charging in the chariot and prepares to Kill Joan of Arc.

After Losing her mace, Joan Manages to pull her Lance from behind her horse and attacks the warrior queen head on. Both warriors manages to dodge each others attack, Boudica fell from her Chariot but immmediately gets up and Use her axe and Knock Joan of Arc from her horse. Joan then crawls away from the warrior queen herself while muttering a prayer in french. Before Boudica raises her Great Axe, Joan manages to Pick up her Lance and Block the Great Axe blow. The Lance was cut in half, Joan runs into her Mace and picks it up and swings it torwars the warrior queen herself. The axe was to slow but manages to put a huge dent on the armor of Joan. The spike of the mace inflicts a long wound on Boudica arm which caused her to drop the great axe. The warrior Queen pulls her sword and iron Dagger out and Attacks Joan of Arc. The sword manages to Knock off the Mace out of Joan hand and the Dagger finds it way on Joan chest armor which was useless. Joan manages to push The warrior queen away and drew her broad sword and attacks Boudica. Both female warrior clashes with their swords hoping to kill one another.

The Long sword slams into the broad sword and it happened again and again with no problems at all. Boudica kicks joan of Arc to the pit, Joan manages to lose her balance and almost drops her sword. On the other hand, Joan loses her helmet in the process. Joan Slashes boudica in the forearm which caused her iron dagger to fall from her hand. Boudica aims her long sword at Joan of arc neck but misses completely. Joan once again swings her sword and misses too. Boudica swings her own sword in order to knock out the broadsword out of Joan of arc hand. Joan manages to find a shield and uses it to block the attack and use it to push boudica away from her. Joan runs to her horse and finds her loaded crossbow, She saw the warrior queen Boudica running after her. Joan Shoots her crossbow and hits boudica on the neck killing her instantly. Seeing the great warrior queen dead, Joan of Arc shows her respect by praying for her deceased opponent.

Joan of Arc:

Broadsword: 115

Lance: 98

Crossbow: 80

Mace: 7



Boudica the Warrior Queen:

Long sword: 110

Great Axe: 105

Sling: 5

Iron Dagger:  20



Joan or Arc wins due to her Knowledge, Faith in God and her advance weaponry in order to keep the warrior queen boudica at bay all the time. Boudica on the other hand is impressive especially with her Long sword and great axe in hand.