Robbie Gets Serious

by Robbie E   August 29, 2012 at 11:53AM  |  Views: 1,669

What up, my dudes? Its a new day in IMPACT WRESTLING for Robbie E and from here on in everyone on the roster needs to take me more seriously. I will always love tanning, the gym, women and fist pumping, but right now I am focused on getting wins and becoming a world title contender. I am Robbie E and I am not someone to look over as if I'm nothing. Here are the reasons that everyone needs to remember me and how talented I am.

5 - I am former X-Division and Television champion. That's two prestigious titles I have held in my less than two year IMPACT WRESTLING career, bro. Not too shabby, man.

4 - I have wins over AJ Styles, Devon, Eric Young, Jeff Hardy and two wins over RVD. Not to mention many others, bro. That's a pretty talented LIST that I beat!!!!

3 - Hardcore Justice - My performance at Hardcore Justice 2012 was like no other. Although I didn't win, bro, I was clearly the talk of the Pay-Per-View. I showed peeps a side of me that they have never seen. Nobody thought I was as tough as I am. I went through a table from the top rope to the outside of the ring and walked to the locker room by myself. I survived Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy who are masters of the tables match as well as James Storm who is one tough cowboy.

2 - Kurt Angle - Even Kurt Angle has admitted on several occasions and in interviews that I am super talented, tough and the future of IMPACT WRESTLING. Kurt Angle is the best wrestler of all time and for him to say that must mean there is something in me. Dudes need to beware of my dude.

1 - Jersey – I'm from Jersey! Do you even get that, bro? I've been in mad fights all over here man. All the way back in high school, the boardwalk, at clubs… and guess what? I always win. I know how to get down and dirty with the nastiest hamsters if I gotta.


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