Video Game Makers Reveal How to Beat Soulja Boy at 'Halo'

December 15, 2008

Stephan Totilo from the MTV gaming blog Multiplayer has accepted rap star and rap-ruining gamer Soulja Boy’s standing challenge to “any game” online.  Totilo assumes (probably correctly) that the game of choice will be either Gears or Halo 3, so he’s sent out feelers for a little advice on how to oil the gears on his FPS skill set.  Because he works at MTV, though, his feelers went to the creator of Gears of War 2 and the writer of Halo.  To get their advice, hit the jump. 

A bit of Halo 3 writer Luke Smith’s advice:

Get Inside His Head:

One on one against Soulja Boy? If you can handle it, you should just play his own music really loud into the headset during your match. He’ll either get distracted by hearing his voice inside his head or you can cling to the thin hope that he’ll start dancing and rapping along, distracting him from his much more important task at hand.

If all else fails, you should go Gilbert Arenas style and get an MLG Pro to play him for you.

We believe in you Stephen.

A bit of Gears of War 2 creator Cliff Bleszinski’s advice:

–> Use your smoke grenades to incapacitate him and then rush in with a chainsaw finish.

–> The one two punch of melee plus shotgun is always a good thing.

–> When in doubt, bring up “Braid” and how trippy it was. He’s likely to start spouting and become distracted. 

Head over to the Multiplayer blog for the rest of the interview and more tips on how to defeat that wascally Soulja Boy.