Comic-Con 2011: Beavis and Butt-Head Return in a New Sneak Peek

July 22, 2011
It's been more than five years since Beavis and Butt-Head graced our easily-influenced eyes and made parents wish that television didn't exist. Now most of those kids will grow up and get to share the genius of Mike Judge's subversive slapstick creation with their kids instead of shunning them from it (if they want to be cool parents).

Judge gave the folks at Comic-Con the world's first look at the dumbass duo and even if you couldn't make it to San Diego or couldn't score passes to the premiere screening, you can still catch the exclusive sneak preview from MTV. It'll have you giggling like Beavis and/or Butt-Head all day until (a) someone asks you to stop or (b) someone punches you because you refuse to stop.

Based on the rather generous preview of the show's return to television, it's bound to please even the most hardened (uh huh huh) Beavis and Butt-Head fanatics. The boys get in their usual low level of bodily harm and mental anguish when Butt-Head accidentally screws (uh huh huh) an action figure to Beavis' hand. They even return to their old MST3K style of talking back to their television at something that arguably deserves to be laughed at more than lousy music videos: an episode of Jersey Shore.

Source: MTV