Rodriguez Wins Skateboard Street Title, Sheckler Injured

August 3, 2009

The biggest show down at X-Games 15 over the weekend was that between Paul Rodriguez Jr. and Ryan Sheckler, both dueling it out to take the winner’s podium in the Skateboard Street title finals.

Source: Christian Pondella/Getty Images

The last time Rodriquez took home the gold in the X-Games was in 2005. Last year he came close but had to settle for silver, losing out to Sheckler in the final.

Rodriquez led for the first two rounds of the final. He suffered a minor hiccup in the third round, but managed to recover with a nice witch heelflip to secure his place on the winner’s podium. Rodriquez was amazed by his win, saying, “Excuse my French, but I pulled it out of my [butt].”


Source: Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Rodriguez main competitor in the final was Ryan Sheckler who bowed out after suffering an ankle injury at the beginning of the third round. He landed awkwardly after a failed jumped, grabbing his right ankle and screaming, “It’s broken.” Sheckler was carried from the stadium to roars of applause.

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