Ep 2: Modu Chanyu vs. Kim Yushin

January 16, 2011

Welcome back to The Fans Bonus Season, where some of histories most underrated warriors come to sharpen their blades for the first time for over a thousand years. This week will have some of Asia's first great horsemen clash head to head. Xiongnu's very own Modu Chanyu sees if he can hold it with Korea's Kim Yushin. Both are deadly but:





Modu Chanyu: c.209 BCE- Chanyu (or Shanyu) was the most profiled leaders of the Xiongnu Empire. The Xiongnus were the first major example of what some of the greatest armies would become: nomadic horse archers. These warriors ,wearing light armour, armed with composite bows and lances, and using mobility as their key, were the prototype to what would be the armies of the Huns and Mongols. Modu, you could say, was their Genghis Khan or Attlia the Hun. He was a blood thirsty barbaric warlord who ruled with an iron fist. This common character trait help them retain and conquer modern day Mongolia, parts of Serbia, China, and Eastern Europe. Modu brought a unique (for his time) weapons set designed for calvery, and develop attics used for nearly a thousand years after his death. 

Kim Yushin: c.660 CE- Yushin was a famous Sillan general who led the unification of Korea for Kings Muyeol and Munmu of Silla. Yushin was a trained and highly loyal Hwarang, the Korean equal to a Knight, and know for his great swordsmanship. He was a heroic and brave leader, who constanly inspired his troops. His stories still remain today in Korean culture, and many view him as one of Koreas finest generals and leaders.


Both of these warriors bring in great military histories. But history is one thing; weapons are another. Check out the arms and armour for both of these horse based killing machines.



Close Range: Xiongnu Longsword: The sword was not a very common weapon for the Xiongnus, but evidence shows that it was used by high ranking officers and leaders. More similar to a Roman Gladius than a Chinese Jain, the longsword was fairly short, almost not counting as a longsword in most experts eyes, but there did exist varoius lengths and widths. The sword Modu will be using is around 70 cm long, and will be iron.

Mid-Range: War Lance: THis common horse based weapon was used through out the ranks of the whole Xiongnu army. The lance head and pole length varied from 7 feet to almost 18 feet. Modu will be bringing in a 12 feet version with an iron head.

Long Range: Composite Bow: Orginally used by the Chinese, this early version of the classic nomadic weapon was copied and redeveloped by the Xiongnus for their own purposes. The design wasn't as effective as the later Hungarain and Mongoloin bows, but with the tatics and horses that Modu used, he was able to raise hell from a distance.

Specailzed Weapon: Bronze Mace: The most common close range weapon, the size and killing power of the mace was over the top. I good horseman could swing and compelety explode an enemies head (on foot or horse) while stay being able to ride through and balanced. Modu will be bring this number as an one-and-a-half foot and solid bronze ball version.

Alternative Weapon: Battle Axe: Not a very special weapon (I couldn't find another good handheld weapon) but was very effective when a rider came dismounted (without modern horse riding gear, this could happen ALOT). It was a triangular axe head on one side, and a flat clubbing end on the other. It was very good in uncontrolled skirmishes as well as a utility tool. Modu will be using a more specialized version of this simple weapon.

Defense: Bronze Based Lamellar Cuirass and Mobility: Personal Armour was very rare for the Xiongnus, but for Modu it was not. Most high ranking leaders wore a high quality leather cuirass that was streghted with bronze. It could restraint up to most arrows and swords, but was still very flexible. The rest of Modus ray relied on the ability to out run most of their enemies offense, and would counter back with great force.

Tatics: Hit and Run/Retreat and Attack: The common form of attack against an large army was attack with a small party, draw them away from their supplie lines, and then hit them with a much larger force. Modu helped to reform the small, light calvery raids into organized flanks.

(No Transportoin section anymore, unless you want it)



Close Range: In-Geom: One of the finest swords coming out of Korea, this double side longsword was the preferred weapon of high ranking officers in the Korean army. Kim himself said believed that he was blessed by the heavens with such a sword (no real detail in the legend) and with the greatest swordsman books ever. Kim used a varied amount of swords, but cut for cut, he'll be bringing in the In-Geom as his primary slashing tool.

Mid Range: Lance: Like Modu, Kim will be bringing in a horse based pole arm for mid range. The Korean lance had a 8 foot pole with a 2 foot lance head. The shorter lance had great versitailty on and off horseback. The longer head made the lance very powerful and swift. This is one of Kim's most effective horse based weapons up against even the most toughest opponents. 

Long Range: Gungdo: A very standard but effective weapon, this bow was made out of mostly water buffalo horn. The unison of both the powerful bow with the speed of a Korean horse made this a very strong ranged weapon. Rumors tell of some users able to shoot 5 flies out of the air with only one arrow. An almost perfect combonation of power,speed, and accuracy, the Gungdo was a very credablie weapon.

Specailizied Weapon: Iron Hammer: This short but powerful weapon was a well designed mace like club. Made almost entirely out of iron, the solid head with the flexible handle made the hammer almost perfect for horseback use. Only it's length is what could hold it back.

Alternitive Weapon: Hyung do: Possibly one of the greatest Korean polearms of its day, this coos between a Gaive and a Naginata was killer. The supreme chopping and slashing power, plus the ability to thrust through nearly all types of armour, made this one of Kim's favourite horseback weapon. The skills behind this hell blade was incredabilie, and will probably be one of Kim's strongest weapons.

Defense:Leather and Iron Scales/Iron Helment: Covered head-to-toe, the strong and suprisely durable scale armour of Kim was one of Korea's finest of it's time. The ability to defend against swords and pole based blades was crucial in Kim's fighting style.

Tatics: Power Charge/Skill: Kim was know for leading his men into large charges with little to none stragcail plans. Once he came into proximity of his enemy, he was reknown for his raw fighting skills.


We've seen the tools these two men will bring, but who will prevail?


"I hate traveling." General Kim thought to himself. The aging general had grown less and less happy when it came to long way traveling over the pass few years. "I'm a war leader," he countied to think,

"Not some peasant farmer." His company had been travelling for the last few days, and soon they had reach the long, tall plains of the north-west. Jun-Huo rode besides him, the young devil. He was always with a smilie on his face, even in the middle of combat.

He was joking about how they'll make clowns out of their enemy. Kim apperacited the joy in the heart of such a young but brave warrior. "Much like me" he would say to himself. Jun-Huo turned his head ride to Kim and smiled with a great laugh. Kim turned his head to adjust his leggings. He looked right down at to the ground. It seemed to passed slowly. Kim felt a sudden feeling of warm blood on his left cheek. He turned around to see Jun-Huo with an arrow sticking out of his mouth. He grind his teeth and called for a halt.

Two lone horsemen stood on top a hill in the distance. Kim glared at them. They bolted back behind the hill. "CHARGE!" Kim proclaimed. This was a common tactic Kim had used before. His entire 10 men army (excluding Jun-Huo) charged up the hill to catch up with their attackers.

The younger, more eager warriors, rode up in front of Kim. Kim saw them as they rode over top of the hill. Arrows soon ripped them apart. Kim saw that their enemy had been waiting for them at the bottom of the hill, their bows drawn. 

"A trap!" Kim yelled. The rest of his men halted. They gazed upon the nomadic horsemen that had already taken out half their comdres. A tall man sat in the middle of them.

"Modu!" Kim muttered. The barbarians charged up hill. lowering their lances. Kim readied his own bow and fired. His compay followed him, taking out some of the enemy horsemen. He then singaled to his men to charge back. Lance meet lance. Horse meet horse.

Kim execced in this combat. He lost his lance in the torso of an archer. He destroyed the skull of an axe man with his iron hammer. He was fierce.He was swift. He was Kim.

He flanked to his left to bash out the brains of the lancer he had just dismounted. As he rose his head again to regroup, felt a terrible force hit him on the back of his head. He fell off his horse, his bell run. He removed his dented helment that saved his life. He looked behind him. All the rest of his and his enemies army had been wiped out, except for Modu,he was adjusting his bronze mace.

Kim ran to his horse to grab his Hyung do. Modu turned around and charged at Kim. Kim slashed right at the chest of Modu. Modu fell right off, but his leather armour, though now useless, saved him. He grabbed his lance off his hosre and thrusted at Modu. The lance head impaled into the Hyung do and tore it away.

Kim hesaited, still feeling the effects of the mace. Modu charged with a battle axe, gashing Kims shoulder. Kim returned  to full awareness. He drew his sword and slashed at Modu. Modu was able to step back at the last second, drawing his own sword while still having his axe in his other hand. Kim's strikes were slow due to the fact of his wounds. Modu attempt to chopped Kim's head in, but Kim was able to block and recover. He thrust his sword Modu's stomach. He let him bleed out, but didn't kill him. Not yet.

Two hours later....

Kim galloped up the side of the mountain. He wanted to make a message. He stopped at the edge of the high cliff. He rose Modu's head from it's hairs. He tossed it off the side, to the rocks. He raised his sword in victory. The long travel home would be worth it.

Winner: Kim Yushin!

Kim: 8/10








Modu: 6/10








Next week(or so): The battles get technical when two of histories greatest martial artist duel off. Chojun Miyagi, the founding farther of modern day karate, trades kicks with Wong Fei-hung, China's inspiratniol kung fu master. Self defence is traded in for full offensive. Don't miss an other episode of Deadlist Warroir, The Fans Season.