Roger Clemens Could Be Going Back to Court After Mistrial

September 2, 2011

Roger Clemens' attorneys' latest attempt to weasel out of his ongoing court battles have failed, and it looks like he might be heading back to a whole new trial.

A U.S. District court judge not only denied the former New York Yankees pitcher's request of recognizing the retrial of his perjury mistrial as "double jeopardy," but he also set an April 2012 start date for his new trial. He still has a chance to appeal the ruling in a higher court.

Clemens' previous trial ended with a mistrial after prosecutors showed some jurors inadmissible evidence, which tainted the jury's perspective on the case and forced the judge to end the proceedings before a verdict could be reached.
The evidence in question was a videotape of Clemens' teammate Andy Pettitte testifying to a U.S. House Committee that he had heard Clemens had been doping.

That means it's time to pull up a comfy chair, wash your eyeballs, and grab hold of your sanity because we're in this trial for the long haul. May God have mercy on our souls.

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images News