Britney Spears Announces “She’s Back”

March 3, 2011
Britney Spears has authoritatively announced she’s back, or as she so eloquently phrases it, “The b***h is back and better than ever!” Who knew she ever really went away?

It has been several years since Britney Spears’ very public meltdown. Since she shaved her head and went off the rails in 2007 she has taken stock of her career, been under a court-appointed conservatorship, and slowly regained the public’s respect. Now in an interview with V magazine the songstress says she is truly back. Well, the “b***h” is.

In a frank interview with the magazine Britney says her past problems made her a stronger person. She notes, “I have learned to always stay true to myself and never let what other people say about me change who I am. It's a really important lesson that took me a long time to learn.” Britney is more at ease with herself and not worried about what other people say, especially the media. Britney says, “I try to block it all out and not pay attention to anything they write about me in the magazines or online.” It’s an inner confidence that is apparently shining through on her new album

Now she is releasing her seventh studio album Femme Fatale and she’s mightily proud of it. She says, “I think it's the best album I have ever made. There's nothing to say. I'll let the music speak for me.”

Well, we’ll have to wait until the new album drops March 29 to find out what she has to say.

Photo: Eric Charbonneau/WireImage/Getty Images