Manos Krystalis Short Biography

December 5, 2009

  Manos Krystalis Short Biography

In few words: Manos Krystalis is a Greek native from Thessaloniki (Salonika).


Manos has a longstanding attendance in the art scene.


He has participated in top notch music, song and freestyle dancing events throughout Greece. Moreover, he has worked as a model for some of the biggest and most prestigious modeling agencies in the country.


His true professionalism and determination - apart from his natural flare -  has proven to be his biggest assets, which recently landed him a contract with A&R Records label.


By performing as a singer in some of the most recognized Festivals and public events in Greece,Manos Krystalis has achived international credits and he has also reliased 4 albums and 3 CD Single Albums

as well working  with the Dobe Beat Music Production Company,in addition  he was also the basic vocal singer  in various live performances.


In 2007 he worked in collaboration with Alexis Drakopoulos a well-known music producer from New York.



In 2009, he received the Alumni Award for Distinguished Service from the College of NYFA one of the most prestigious Acting College in the world, located in Los Angeles (Barham Blvd.)


Manos Krystalis holds a First Class degree in Information Technology (IT) Science.


For the time being, Manos lives in Los Angeles working in the movie industry.


His present & future projects are in London,Greece and Los Angeles


Manos Krystalis is an active member of the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists (AFTRA)


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