Strippers Impersonate Sarah Palin in Look-A-Like Competition

October 24, 2008

Strippers from all over the country have descended upon a Vegas strip club to compete in a Sarah Palin look-a-like contest. The exotic dancers came with guns, glasses and swimsuits hoping to take home $10,000, a trip to the Presidential inauguration in Washington DC and bragging rights.

The contest, held at the Club Paradise Men's Club in Sin City, was divided into two sections. Contestants had to parade in a bathing suit, in honor of Sarah Palin’s involvement in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant. The second part of the competition involved giving a political speech. This section usually ended with the girls taking off their clothes and dancing. The girls were judged by the audience, who voted contestant number 5 the winner.  We salute you, Miss Fake Sarah Palin!