Five PlayStation 4 Launch Titles To Keep On Your Radar

November 11, 2013

Sony has been a major player in video games for almost 20 years, and they've become one of the most trusted names in the industry, for both software and hardware. While they have had their ups and downs over the years, they've constantly delivered amazing games that make life-long devotees out of the gamers that play them. The story is no different with their upcoming console, the PlayStation 4. Sony has already announced a host of amazing titles that will be landing on their system, but what are going to be the best games to check out on November 15, when the console lands in stores? Here's our list of the five launch games that are most worth your time.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Sony's flagship first-person shooter returns in grand fashion, as a PlayStation 4 launch title in Killzone: Shadow Fall. Following up on the events of Killzone 3, Shadow Fall takes place 30 years later, as the war rages on between the Helghast and the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA). You play as an elite ISA agent, Lucas Kellan, whose first mission was revealed as one of the big surprises at the PlayStation 4 announcement press conferences, and it looked intense. For the hardcore gamers that pick up the PS4 on day one, another trip to Vekta should be a must on their To Do list.

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Even though it is a first-party title, and was crafted by the PlayStation 4's lead architect, Mark Cerney, Knack still feels like the oddball game in this diverse launch lineup. Instead of wielding giant guns on some distant planet, hunting down zombies, or falling into any of the other stereotypical, mature video game tropes, Knack is clearly looking to appeal to a wider range of PlayStation 4 gamers. It's launching as the system's first 3D action/adventure game, with a gentler approach to gameplay, even though you do end up smashing A LOT of things. You play as a mysterious creature, Knack, that can add ancient relics to his body, which transforms him from a three foot weakling into a colossal combattant. As you explore the game's world, you'll be crushing baddies and solving puzzles to help your human friends banish a species of Goblins back to where they came from.


Another unlikely candidate for a launch title, Resogun is the only space shooter to make it out for launch, and it comes from some people that know how to make great shooting games, Housemarque. The development team behind Resogun has been making twisted shumps since 1997, but you most likely remember them from their more recent releases, namely the Super Stardust series (HD, Portable, and Delta). For the last three hardware launches, they have been Sony's go-to studio for a fast and fun pick-up-and-play game, and Resogun fits that bill on the PS4. While it may borrow some elements from the Super Stardust games, Resogun is more like the arcade classic Defender... on speed. Try and stay alive while you travel back and forth with your tiny ship, powering up and sending foes to their death along the way. If the other launch titles seem a bit "big" to you, Resogun is the way to go if you are the type of person that craves having their name at the top of the leaderboard.

Blacklight: Retribution

Sure, Blacklight: Retribution has been out for the last year on Steam, but that doesn't make it any less interesting as a PlayStation 4 launch title. The shooter, from Zombie Studios, will be the PS4's first free-to-play game, which means that everyone can jump right into the game for free. It may cost you once you decide that you want to start building out your character, but by then you'll know whether or not you want to invest any more time in the game. The business model of free-to-play games is pretty common for PC and mobile titles, but on they are few and far between on consoles. Hopefully Retribution will be the first of many great games in this genre.


While the indie developed Contrast may not be the most recognizable name on this list, it's likely that the 1920's vaudevillian, 2D/3D, action/puzzle game is the most unique title landing on the PlayStation 4 at launch. Compulsion Games have created a vivid world around a young girl, Didi, who is trying to fix her dysfunctional family, and you play as her imaginary friend, who can jump in and out of shadows. This phasing mechanic has allowed the developers to craft a game that exists seamlessly in both in 2D and 3D, as you jump in and out of the real world, moving objects and light sources around to help you solve puzzles.

While Contrast isn't a Sony exclusive, it will join Resogun as part of the PS4's PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection at launch.


This is only the beginning of what Sony has in store for the PlayStation 4. On top of already announced AAA games like Infamous: Second Son, DriveClub, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Sony is making huge strides for indie game developers as well. The PlayStation 4 will be home to a spectacular set of games from developers that traditionally wouldn't make it on to a console, especially not in the first year or so of its lifecycle. PS4 owners will eventually have a chance to get their hands on the likes of Red Barrels' super-scary Outlast, Young Horses' quirky Octodad: Deadliest Catch, Tribute Kings' Kickstarted retro shooter Mercenary Kings along with a host of others. Even before the console hits the market, the PlayStation 4 already has a bright future ahead of it.

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