Sexy Teacher Strips for Students

October 30, 2008

A 20-something German teacher was caught on camera (video below) performing a sexy strip tease for her 15 year-old students at a start of term party in Hungary. The teacher, who was meant to be supervising the party, joined in on a game of truth or dare and decided to seductively remove her clothes.

The teacher started off with some pole dancing moves, then progressed to slowly taking off her clothes. As expected, the students went wild. The teacher revealed her bra and was just about to take off her trousers when another teacher interrupted her and covered her with a tablecloth.

One angry parent was outraged, saying "It is disgusting. What kind of teacher acts that way in front of her pupils? She should be in a lap dancing bar, not a school”. Other parents called for the teacher to be sacked. The school’s Principal refused to fire the teacher saying she was an invaluable asset to the school and showed no more flesh “than you would see on a beach.” He did give her a stern warning.

This teacher is now a front runner for teacher of the year.