Mantenna - Tuesday, July 28

July 28, 2009

Geri Halliwell suffers an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, David Cronenberg ditches Matarese Circle, and the feds raid the home of Michael Jackson's doctor...become the most popular kid on your block by reading the Mantenna!

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Woman Gets Stuck on the Can

An Australian woman spent a week stuck between her toilet and the bathroom door. The 67-year-old unidentified woman fell after using the can and got wedged after her feet became trapped on either side of the toilet bowl and her body jammed against the inward-opening door. The senior citizen was finally rescued when a neighbor heard her screams. [AOL]

Former Spice Girl Suffers Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

Geri Halliwell, a.k.a. Ginger Spice, was attending the 2009 Cartier International Polo Day in the United Kingdom when her embroidered, white cocktail dress became entangled in her underwear. A quick-thinking Ms. Halliwell ducked behind her boyfriend, Henry Beckwith, to shield away from photographers and rearrange herself. What a classy lady. [Daily Mail]

Richard Linklater Must be Dazed and Confused

So much for the “spiritual cousin” to Dazed and Confused Richard Linklater was rumored to be developing. Turns out that project fell through and he’s now working on a romantic comedy. Has the man hit his head, or is he simply giving in to the machine? The film is to be called, inexplicably, Liars (A-E), and it was written by Colin Farrell’s ex-girlfriend (apparently the only notable credit she has to her name) Emma Forrest. It’s about a woman’s search to get a bunch of her stuff back from past boyfriends as she makes her way to Obama’s inauguration. Wow. So many lame elements in just one idea. If Linklater isn’t dazed, he’s definitely confused. [Collider]

Cronenberg Ditches Matarese Circle

You can only lose so many stars from a film before the whole thing sinks (or stinks), and it looks like that’s what happened with David Cronenberg’s adaptation of Robert Ludlum’s The Matarese Circle. Denzel Washington and Tom Cruise were set to star, but Cruise dropped out for Witchita and now Cronenberg’s dropping out too. For what? For Cosmopolis, a novel by Don DeLillo about a billionaire who rides through Manhattan in one day in a limo to get a haircut. That’s right: one day, one limo, one haircut. Not exactly stuff that dreams are made of, but in Cronenberg’s hands, you really never know what you’re going to get. [Slash Film]

Feds Raid the Home of Michael Jackson's Doctor


Source: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Federal authorities searched the Las Vegas home and medical office of Michael Jackson's personal doctor today, looking for documents as part of a manslaughter investigation into MJ's death. Several DEA agents entered Dr. Conrad Murray's home in a gated community while others searched Murray's medical offices in Las Vegas. "We are looking for documents related to the death of Michael Jackson," said Michael Flanagan, assistant special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration office in Las Vegas. He said federal agents and Los Angles police served search warrants at Murray's house and office. Authorities had no arrest warrant for Murray, who was at home when the investigators arrived, they said. [TMZ]

AT&T and Verizon Spar Over Who is Lying More

Which North American wireless provider do you think is telling the truth in its advertising? If you answered "none of 'em," you're probably right, but that's not stopping Verizon Wireless from going to court to uphold its commercial honor, having been called out by AT&T earlier this month. VZW went to the US District Court in Manhattan asking that its slogans like "America's Most Reliable 3G Network" be "validated." AT&T freaked out, but it's not really clear why, since it's had its fair share of issues, but maybe this is just some attempt to make the two look like they hate each other in public while exchanging sweet nothings and text messaging price hikes in private. All we know is this isn't the first time carriers have battled over such claims, and it sure won't be the last. [Yahoo]

Apple App Store Rejects Official Google Voice App

Now we know why Google Voice apps were only released for BlackBerry and Android: Apple rejected Google's official Google Voice app when it was submitted for approval six weeks ago. This news comes on the heels of Sean Kovacs' GV Mobile Google Voice app being pulled from the store for "duplicating features." TechCrunch suspects, probably correctly, that apps for Google Voice are being rejected at least in part through AT&T's influence, since Google Voice lets you send free text messages and delivers cut-rate international calls -- on top of making phone numbers even more meaningless -- making it scary to AT&T in way like Skype VoIP over 3G. Corporate greed for the win. [TechCrunch]

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