Presenting the Anti-Wii!

June 9, 2008

The battle for the Couch Potato is on.

The Wii instilled fear in the hearts of all those gamers who were of the philosophy that playing a video game should be a substitute for physical exertion, not a form of exertion itself. It's my prediction that The Ultimate Game Chair will mark a victory for those gamers who believe fun begins with a butt planted firmly in a chair.

The  "Reactor Video Game Chair", which has a licensing agreement with Capcom, is as close as you can get to a full-body dork experience. The chair has eight motors, stereo sound and a hefty enough price tag to be attractive to all die-hard gamers, coming in at $179.99.

The chair is compatible with most video game accessories, so there's no need to fret about buying a slew of new steering wheels, joysticks and wireless controllers. Except, of course, a wireless adapter, which will run you $49.99. Being a nerdy enough shut-in to actually buy a chair to enhance your video game experience is going to cost you.



Because the chair is apellated The Ultimate Video Game Chair, one must ask oneself: how many video game chairs are there? Is this truly the ultimate one? If a newer chair comes out, will this chair be relegated to penultimate status? More importantly, who is the sad sack willing to cough up over $200 for a chair that vibrates his ass as he downs his second tub of cheese-whiz while playing GTA IV for nine consecutive hours? Whoever he is, I have something he really needs: The Ultimate Bitch Slap.