This is Why You Don't Date French Lingerie Models

February 4, 2010

Sure, it’s every guys dream to show up with a European underwear model at “bring your own quiet shame night” at Applebee’s, but – just like high school and women’s correctional facilities – attaching yourself to the prettiest girl in the room isn’t always the best idea.

Just ask Chelsea soccer star Wayne Bridge, who recently found out that the lingerie model he was dating apparently has a very loose definition of the phrases “faithful” and “no, thanks - I've had enough sex.”

Last week it was reported by the British tabloids (and’s adultery department) that Vanessa Perroncel cheated on Bridge with his “best mate” and Chelsea team captain John Terry.

Several days later, new reports are swirling that she slept with as many as five of his teammates during their courtship. There's a joke in here about taking one for the team, but Perroncel's friend summed it up best in a local England paper by noting "To say she's a Chelsea Girl is a bit of an understatement."

At this point the couple has broken up, but it has to be a little awkward during the pre-game warm-up when half of the starting lineup has slept with your girlfriend.

Source: Alex Livesey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images