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Heidi Montag Says "I Do" to Bikini

by ncoles   May 29, 2008 at 10:24PM  |  Views: 551


Heidi Montag loves being famous, it is after all her job. The professional attention seeker, recording artist and star of MTV’s The Hills loves nothing more than whipping up some free publicity. The usual way for Heidi to get noticed is to hit the beach in one of her many bikinis. Unlike most celebrity bikini shots, Heidi loves to pose and show off. After all, Heidi doesn’t hit the beach to swim - she's there to be photographed - which brings us to another chapter of Spike’s Bikini Poll.

Which Bikini Do You Like Better?

Bikini #1


Heidi looks pretty in pink as she stares at the camera, salivating at the thought of all the free press she'll receive with these casual, caught in the moment snaps.

Bikini #2


Heidi wears a blue patterned number and perfects her "I'm so shocked there's a camera pointing at me while I'm hanging at the beach" look.

Bikini #3


Heidi strikes a pose in this zebra style bikini and is obviously thinking about absolutely nothing as the wind rustles through her hair.

Now vote!

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