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Amir Sadollah Upsets CB Dalloway!

by spike.com   June 18, 2008 at 11:47AM  |  Views: 330

In the final match to see who would face Jesse Taylor in the Finale this Saturday, Amir Sadollah was universally considered the underdog. But in an amazing fight that had to be seen to be believed, Sadollah took out the first pick of the show CB Dalloway.


Round 1
In a surprising open, CB stays on his feet with Amir rather than go for the immediate takedown. CB throws some quick punches and Amir shoots out kicks as the two size each other up. Amir lands a decent kick but CB lifts him up off the ground for a body slam. Both trade hits on the ground. CB struggles to get a mount position and Amir nearly lands a triangle choke before the two get to their feet again where Amir lands a vicious punch to CB's face.

Round 2
Again, both fighters stay on their feet, trading punches, kicks, and knees. Amir lands a good kick to CB's side but the fight goes to the mat. CB lands some serious hits to Amir's face and gets him bloody as the two scramble. With fifty seconds left the Ref breaks the two and gets them back to their feet. Amir comes out on the offensive, but CB gets the takedown in the final seconds.

Round 3
Amir comes out and lands some punches and a knee before locking up with CB against the fence. CB gets Amir in a choke hold and it looks like the fight is over, but Amir breaks free. The two continue to scramble against the fence and Amir catches CB in an armbar for the tapout.

And so it was that Amir Sadollah was scheduled to fight Jesse Taylor in the TUF Finale this Saturday. That is, until Jesse Taylor went berserk and became the first fighter ever kicked off after the show was over. Check out more details and an exclusive interview with Taylor about his removal here!

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