Synchronized Drinking with SHOTSTICK

October 8, 2008

The SHOTSTICK drinking device is a length of board with 3 shot glasses (or beer glasses if you're big time) attached to it.  It tips up along a line of you and two of your friends so that you drink in synch.  Good times will be had by all, and good times at the same time no less.

Oh, hey!  Let’s do a shot!  Yay!  This will be fun.  I will buy a whole round for everybody, we’re all going to do it together – like a team!  BAM! 

Wait a minute.  It appears you didn’t do yours.  Why didn’t you just say "I don’t want one" before I bought you a $13 shot? O’ curse your pride!  I wish there was a device that would just pour an un-drunk shot all over your boobs if it didn’t go down your throat. 

*divine light* Available here for $30