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The Top 10 Craziest Concept Cars Ever Made

by bradiger   October 09, 2008 at 7:00PM  |  Views: 6,891

The raddest thing about concepts cars is that all bets are off. Designers don’t need to worry about safety standards, practicality, reliability, weather, parking, door handles, engines – anything at all, really. They just reach into their childhood dreams and create pure fantasy with no need for restraint. And that lack of restraint is key here, as we present you with the top ten craziest concept cars ever.


10. Volvo Tandem Car


The Tandem Car, created by Volvo's Monitoring & Concept Center, looks like straight off the set of THX1138, but Volvo insists this car is coming to the real world in just a few years. The Tandem’s long and narrow design is largely due to the fighter jet-style seating layout where the passenger sits behind the driver, and the idea is that this layout creates less drag and in turn promotes higher fuel economy. Apparently they want this thing on the road by 2010, but don’t hold your breath. I mean, some people still think the Prius is too weird looking.

9. Dodge M4S


Used in the 80s-static film, The Wraith, the M4S was a Dodge concept sport coupe that cost an estimated 1.5 million bucks to build back in 1984. It was the real deal though – the M4S stood for mid-engine 4 cylinder sport, and sport it had – that little inline 4 made over 400hp, and the car had a top speed of 194mph. And as you can see by this high intensity clip, the Wraith car was very much road-ready.

8. Mazda Taiki 


This oddball made its first appearance at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show, and I can’t get its straight-up weird curves out of my head. Mazda says the concept's exterior lines are inspired by wind flowing through a Hagoromo, the "flowing robes that enable a celestial maiden to fly." I see.

Note to self: Mazda smokes crack.

7. Aurora Safety Car


If the Ugliest Cars list had included concepts, this surely would have found a spot in the list. Built off a Buick platform in the mid 1950s, the car’s ungainly proportions were born from the designer’s hope that car companies could create vehicles that were safer for both drivers and pedestrians. The designer, a priest by the name of Father Juliano, claims he was ruined by the financial burden of the project, due to a conspiracy by General Motors.

I’m thinking there might’ve been other factors involved.

6. Honda Fuya-jo  


I’ll let Honda do the talking:

"The Fuya-jo rocks like a town that never sleeps and rides with the ease of a skateboard. Semi-standing seats are just right for happening street scenes where the music never stops. It has a steering wheel in the shape of a turntable and an instrument panel laid out like an MC's mixer. Everything here evokes the image of a futuristic all-night club."

…Or a coke binge hangover. Also, has anyone at Honda ever ridden a skateboard?