Mantenna – Gucci Mane Gets Arrested For Pushing Girl Out of his Car

April 8, 2011
Gucci Mane gets arrested for pushing a girl out of his car, Net neutrality hits the house, and Manny Ramirez calls it quits…the Mantenna will never say die!

Photo: Moses Robinson/Getty Images

Gucci Mane Arrested For Pushing Girl Out of his Car

Dirty South MC Gucci Mane was arrested once again earlier today near Atlanta on a misdemeanor battery charge stemming from an incident that went down back in January. According to reports, Gucci met a girl at a local mall, invited her for some food and then attempted to offer her $150 to hit up a local hotel for some private time. When the female refused to accept his offer, Gucci apparently pushed her out of his moving car. Yes, his moving car. She was taken to the hospital with "soreness and pain." Not a smartest move for the guy fresh out of jail on probation. [TMZ]

Net Neutrality Hits the House

This week the House of Representatives tried to block the FCC rules that effectively stop Internet service providers from throttling bandwidth to certain sites and services. The whole thing’s a little confusing, but essentially, the rules the FCC passed would keep large companies from squeezing out the little guy. Say some huge internet company sees a web site that it believes is a good idea that could be great if they put their money behind it. They could effectively throttle their services to that web site so that people are more likely to visit their version of the idea. It also allows Internet service providers to throttle bandwidth to particular services like Netflix, which effectively opens the door to tiered ISP costs based on usage. House Republicans were attempting to block the FCC’s ruling with the measure, but President Obama already stated that if it comes across his desk he will veto it. [Engadget]

Manny Ramirez Tests Positive, Calls it Quits

Photo: Ronald C. Modra/Sports/Getty Images

In the latest example of a person not learning from their mistakes, Tampa Bay Rays DH Manny Ramirez has decided to retire after failing yet another drug test. Last year Manny was suspended 50 games while playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. Major League Baseball did not release which drugs Manny tested positive for this time, but because he’s a prior offender he was staring down a 100-game suspension this time. Considering the MLB season is 162 games, he was essentially done for the season one way or another. While his statistics certainly warrant it, his induction into the Hall of Fame is certainly in jeopardy after this latest positive test. [ESPN]

Nintendo’s 3DS Limps Out of the Gate

A lot of people have said that Nintendo machines essentially print money over the last few years as the Wii and Nintendo DS have dominated sales charts. Its new glasses-free handheld, the 3DS, hasn’t been as lucky. The company launched the system in Japan and the horrible earthquake struck shortly thereafter, limiting its sales. Nintendo has no such hurdles in the US and Europe where it has sold well, but not up to expectations. In Europe, in particular, the system has been meet with opposition as some outlets have went on what some call a witch hunt to slander the product—claiming that it gives users headaches and nausea. We can tell you from first-hand experience that this simply isn’t true, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo’s stock prices from plummeting. It’s fallen 17 percent in the US since February. In Japan, its stock price has fallen for four consecutive days. The 3DS has even been outsold by Sony’s now-ancient PSP system in Japan the last few days. While some people will point to its 3D effects being the culprit, the real issue is that there simply aren’t any great games available for it yet. One thing we’ve learned is never count out Nintendo. It’s a sure way to end up with egg on your face. [Next-Gen Biz]