As Expected, the Greatest Shoot-Out Goal Ever Comes from a Defenseman on the Muskegon Lumberjacks

December 6, 2010

If your cable package doesn’t include Mid-West USHL hockey games, you probably missed 17-year-old Travis Walsh show every NHL-caliber player (and the Edmonton Oilers power play unit) that the game’s greatest goals don’t always come from the professional ranks.

"I didn't have the move planned, but for some reason I got an urge to do it," Walsh explained to Lumberjacks play-by-play announcer Christopher Heimerman. "I came up with it five years ago when I was messing around with pucks on an outdoor rink. I didn't really think I was going to do it until right before I did it. It ended up working out well."

Yes, shortly after he reached Bar Mitzvah age, Walsh developed a move that would forever change the way we humiliate goaltenders.


Photo: USHLInteractive