Comic-Con 09: Live Blog from Book of Eli Panel

by nathanbloch   July 24, 2009 at 2:00PM  |  Views: 29

The director and talent from The Book of Eli are answering questions right now about their film. The crowd is large and in charge, and the actors seem very happy to be here. Denzel Washington is making cracks left and right, and Gary Oldman just described himself, when naked, as a "bald chicken". This is a good panel.

Albert and Allen Hughes are here, along with the actors. Denzel says, about capturing the character of Eli, "I prepared for at least six months. There was a lot of martial arts work. Jeff Amato was one of Bruce Lee's proteges and I got to work with him, and I got to do all my own fights."

Gary Oldman, in response to whether he gets type cast as the "crazy guy," says, "It really is what comes through the letter box, what's sent to me, and if I can do something with it then I'm in." A questioner asks when the next Batman is coming out, and he said, "We're shooting next year, so, in two years."

Several young men, including Bob Stencil, have propositioned Mila Kunis for her phone number. She took the come-ons in stride.

Source: Michael Buckner/Getty Images




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