Ft. Lauderdale Welcomes The Auction Hunters In This Episode Four Recap

April 22, 2011
Ton and Allen were back on the road this week, landing in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Things started off a bit rough as these out-of-towners were not the least bit welcome by the local bidders. Luckily for our Auction Hunters they know how to warm up a crowd and were able to get a quick and easy insight to how storage auctions work in Florida, gaining a few pointers from the locals. What rooms they would win, how much they would spend and how much they would come out of this week's auctions with was anyone's guess. With new episodes airing Tuesdays at 10PM/9c, let's jump right in and find out how things turned out in episode four for the Hunters.


With many of the locals on their side, there was one local who wasn't having any of it. Consistently and outrageously outbid on storage unit after storage unit by a Hunter named G-Mar, Ton and Allen had to step up their game. Luckily for them, they never hesitated and ended up taking home some of their best and most unique finds of the first half of the season.

William's Pinball MachineSold For: $600

Disco is NOT dead. Clean and with the original stencil art, this pinball machine danced its way straight out of the 1970s. Ton and Allen fired this machine up back in the storage space to see if it worked, and you know full well, that if something still works you get -- more money! But hold the phone, just because it works, doesn't mean that its all that it should be. It's only after opening this sucker up that their gaming expert was able to see that there had been some acid damage. Luckily for the guys though, it hadn't adversely affected the machine's overall performance. Heck, even all the lights still worked!

Dice Popper Sold For: $5,000

Well over a hundred years old and with its original hand blown glass intact, this old time gambling device is the find of the season -- so far! If you weren't having any luck at the tables, you would throw down your nickel and play this quick game of chance. As a precursor to the slot machine, if you rolled the right number you won a small prize; a cigar or whatever the saloon was giving out that day. In the case of the Auction Hunters, pop goes the money.

It was these two big ticket items that went head-to-head on our weekly Facebook competition to see which of these two our fans thought would come out on top. Without getting the full scoop on the items, our fans didn't fail to impress, choosing the smaller, more obscure 'popper' as the winner. Way to go Hunters!

The Hunters spent a sizable $3,450 on this week's rooms, but after selling the pinball machine, the dice popper, unloading some furniture to locals as well as some small tickets items they raked in a mind boggling $10,600! The bikini clad beaches of Ft. Lauderdale proved to be very kind to Ton and Allen as their final take home totaled $7,150 in pure profit.

Want to see Ton and Allen in all their Ft. Lauderdale glory and learn more about this G-Mar character? Then you're in luck. This week's episode is now online! Be certain to check out all new episodes airing on Spike every Tuesday at 10PM/9c. As always, keep an eye on Facebook for the latest Auction Hunters content and updates, and don't forget that each week you can head over to eBay and bid on items found by Ton and Allen exclusively in Season Two. New items are posted each Tuesday.