Original Sepultura Line-up Will Not Be Reuniting

January 20, 2009

Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser has ruled out a reunion with former bandmates Igor and Max Cavalera, insisting the trio hasn’t been talking about anything.

Fans of the Brazilian metal legends were left hoping for an original line-up reunion after Max Cavalera recently announced he'd entertain the idea, but Kisser has most definitely shot down any plans to reform.

Kisser told Blistering.com, "Since Max left, it's (reunion talk) been going on and when Igor left…even more so. Some people make up the pressure for us to do it, but there's nothing to it. We're not interested in it all... I don't understand all of this bulls**t. "Max is crazy and doesn't make any sense and he can change from month to month... There's one version of the story and we have ours."

Kisser is refusing to comment on the band's split from the Cavaleras: "We're not into revising history or telling a story regarding what happened. Only time will tell. Talk is cheap. You can say whatever you want... We're not talking."

Heavy metal is so dramatic.

Image By: Vaughn Youtz

Source: Getty Images Entertainment