Jose Canseco Gets Opportunity to Rat Out an Entirely New Group of People on National Television

October 13, 2010

It seems like Jose Canseco has run out of baseball players to drag through the mud. Luckily, Donald Trump has stepped in and given him an opportunity to ruin the pristine reputations of Richard Hatch and that chick who slept with Tiger Woods.

Yes sports fans, you’ve heard right. Jose Canseco is set to join a collection of people who will seek Donald Trump’s approval every week on NBC’s (baffling) hit show The Apprentice.

He joins an impressive cast of people you’ve never heard of like Star Jones, Lisa Rinna, and the dude from Sugar Ray.

The optimistically dubbed “celebrity” edition of the program is set to air in 2011 just in time for Canseco’s third book detailing which MLB players have taken steroids. (It’s a 12-part series.)

Photo: Chris Weeks/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images