The Howling Makes a Comeback

November 23, 2009

It's not surprising in this time full of cinematic vampires and werewolves that The Howling, a movie that spawned a series of films about a werewolf stalking a reporter, would get remade. And it is getting remade.

Variety reports:

The original Howling, directed by Joe Dante from a script by John Sayles, was released in 1981 and spawned six sequels. Dee Wallace-Stone starred as a news anchor stalked by a serial killer who turns out to be a werewolf.

It also turns out that the remake will be the directorial debut of Joe Nimziki. The skinny is that, "Former studio marketing exec Joe Nimziki, who worked at New Line, MGM and Sony, will make his feature directorial debut from his own script."

If nothing else, I suppose it's nice that werewolves will be taking some of the lime light away from vampires. That said, this is likely only the beginning of a long line of movies that will shift the focus onto werewolves. As long as The Twilight Saga continues to rake in literally hundreds of millions of dollars, you can expect to see these movies sticking around for awhile.

Is it only a matter of time until we find out they're going to remake the Teen Wolf films? And if so, any chance they'll be able to nab Michael J. Fox and/or Jason Bateman for a cameo? We shall see.

Source: MGM/UA Home Entertainment