Naming Your Kid after a Football Team is Normal in Alabama

April 1, 2010

Fading celebrities in Hollywood often try to draw attention to themselves by naming their children after fruit, 1980s sitcom characters, and people they accidentally mistook for Biblical heroes. In the South, however, parents elect to be a little more conservative when selecting things to name their newborns after.

J.L. and Jackie Redd welcomed their new son “Crimson Tide Redd” into the world this week with love, adoration, and a future filled with massive disappointment if he isn’t smart enough to attend the University of Alabama. (Seriously, how awkward will roll call be at Tuscaloosa Community College for a guy named “Crimson Tide?”)

Somehow you get the feeling this kid is going to be first in line at the government name change office the day he turns 18, or the most popular kid on a Maury Povich “What the hell were my parents thinking” special.

Photo: Gawker Media