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Cameron Diaz Likes it Rough

by girls   June 16, 2010 at 4:12PM  |  Views: 1,672

Cameron Diaz has opened up about her sex life, and boy is it hot.

Cameron Diaz loves sex and loves to talk about her love of sex. In a recent interview with Playboy magazine the 37-year-old spills the beans on how she likes rough sex. She tells the mag, “I'm primal on an animalistic level, kind of like, 'Bonk me over the head, throw me over your shoulder. You man, me woman.' Not everybody has the right kind of primal thing for me...I love physical contact. I have to be touching my lover, like, always. It's not optional.” If you think that’s hot, keep reading.

The actress also says she craves the male sex organ and is willing to travel to get her fill of it. She says, “Oh gosh, I can't even count how many times I've gotten on a plane for love. It's not unusual in this business; my lifestyle demands it. I'm always traveling for [whispers] cock. You've got to go where it is.” Could this woman be any cooler? Yes. Keep reading.

You’d think a girl this cool, hot, and sexy would be choosy when it comes to dating guys. Well, she’s not. If you simply ask her out, then you have a pretty good shot of her saying yes! Diaz says, “I never shut down any man who's willing to ask me out unless he's a total douchebag. It takes a lot for a guy to ask out a girl like me—not because I think I'm superspecial or anything. It's just that I think men are intimidated, and it's a lot to get involved with. It's not uncomplicated.”

Now I will add "ask Cameron Diaz out" to my bucket list.

Photo: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images


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