Flip Facts: Bloody Crime Scene

September 14, 2012
The Exterior

90% of buyers purchase a home based on an emotional attachment. The best way to create an emotional attachment is what we like to call curb appeal and cosmetics.

This house was in a twin home community built in the early 80's and probably hadn't been updated since the day it was originally sold. Removal of the faded brown exterior paint was the first measure we took to enhance this home's curb appeal followed by an expensive, ($1200.00) but necessary, Universal garage door that complemented the new Kwal cream colored facade with fudge brown trim. We recommend using a light base color with a contrasting darker color trim to brighten the appearance of a property, especially in this case being a twin home. We wanted to insure a stark difference between our house and the neighbors.

The Backyard

Luckily this house already had a fenced yard with access from the front, but needed a new deck to replace the weathered damaged existing deck and stairs leading to the backyard from the kitchen.

We continued our color theme both for the deck and the concrete foundation to maintain a soft congruency for the entire house while topping the yard off with small bark and a manicured lawn. Side note: one of the best and inexpensive ways to update a yard is bar; it is cheap, requires limited maintenance, covers large areas, and looks fantastic. We suggest buying it from a garden nursery by the yard which is less expensive than any home improvement store.

The Kitchen

The kitchen, similar to the rest of the property, was extremely dated. By applying our Bead Board technique to the cabinets and bright white paint with nickel knobs, we saved thousands of dollars in new cabinetry while maintaining the look and feel of a modern contemporary kitchen.

The Interior

We wanted to take the opportunity to reiterate a couple things.....paint and carpet; light paint can transform any room from dark and dingy to new and welcoming, not just walls but doors too. The Flip Men normally use 4 colors of paint, that's it. Hours of contemplation have been saved by utilizing basic colors of tan, white, grey, and brown with an occasional accent wall. The simple practice of pre-selection both in paint and carpet as a general rule of thumb can be applied to single property selling or in our case multiple properties. We buy in bulk knowing the remnants can be transferred and used on our next rehab project.

The Creepy Room

Finally…the creepy room. The Flip Men have discovered many bizarre things while buying vacant homes, chop shops, priceless treasures, squatters and even an elk, but this room tops the eerie chart. What was presumably intended for storage underneath the stairs was a concrete cubby hole about 4 feet tall and 6 feet wide. This place was filled with a couple of mattresses, assorted clothing, drug paraphernalia, and the most random phrases written on the walls such as "The broken dog has come forward!"and "Sheep are chillax with fridges." Our conclusion? The cubby was an obvious hideout for linguist. 

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