Eva Mendes Gets Topless Again for Calvin Klein

January 11, 2010

Eva Mendes has done it again, appearing topless and oozing with sex in her latest print commercial for Calvin Klein Jeans. This spot might just be the hottest yet. See them all after the jump.

Eva is photographed alongside male model Jamie Dornan, and the two are oiled up and appear to be wrestling on a beach. In one spot Eva appears topless, with her naked, seemingly nipple-less breast masked by a shadow.

The spots are part of the Spring 2010 campaign for Calvin Klein’s Whitewashed jeans. Soon these images will adorn billboards in New York City. Let’s see how long they take to get banned this time.

Source: Calvin Klein

Photo Gallery: [photo]mgid:arc:content:spike.com:70acf042-4b6c-4d3c-8b49-dab6db4d7eea[/photo]