Transforming the Pain into Motivation

August 25, 2008

The recent injuries Shia LaBeouf sustained in a car accident are apparently being put to good use in the new Transformers film. A picture has surfaced on The Movie Blog that shows LaBeouf sporting some heavy-duty road rash. It's highly likely that a good deal of his wounds in the picture are make-up enhanced (in fact, I'm betting that most of them are make-up effects), but to the extent that any of his injuries are real and he's using them in the film, more power to him.

It's about time actors started getting a little banged up and using it for motivation in their action films. How are they supposed to portray people getting maimed and scarred and beat down if they don't play the pain game every once in awhile? Way to own it, Shia. Hit the jump to see the full picture.