The Man's Guide to Love

April 12, 2010

Love is not a topic most men freely talk about. Now a new website is trying to change that by offering “real advice” from real men.

The operators of the website The Men’s Guide to Love have been trawling the country asking men of all ages and walks of life about love. They start with a simple question, “What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to other men on the subject of love?” From this one sentence, a mass of advice, tips, and real life experience on the subject has been shared and documented.

Some of the advice is obvious, some sad, and some so simple you wished you’d thought it first. Phillip, an 82-year-old male with what looks like a much younger wife, shares some old fashioned advice, saying, “Compromise. Lots and lots of compromise.” Andy, 43 is a little more passive (or is he simply being a realist?) when it comes to love saying, “It’s up to my wife. Whatever she wants to do, we do. That’s the key.” Rodney, Taj, and Hakim, all 17 say, "Never depend on her too much."  Overall the most common themes to emerge from the interviews are: “be honest,” “compromise,” “be yourself”, “love yourself,” and “vigorously nod your head in agreement with your woman.”

So far the website has collected over a thousand interviews and will roll out a new one seven days a week. Maybe now we’ll finally be able to comprehend that crazy little thing called love.

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Photo: Betsie Van der Meer/Stone/Getty Images