Axl Rose Still Really Hates Slash

January 25, 2010

GNR frontman Axl Rose showed off his diva antics once more by recently subjecting Canadian concertgoers to some classic rock star stupidity.

TMZ is reporting that fans in Canada were asked by security to remove Slash-inspired top hats and turn their Slash t-shirts inside out when entering a Guns N' Roses concert last Wednesday or they would be denied entrance to the gig. Just a few ballsy fans headed home, but most accepted this ridiculous ultimatum and proceeded to watch Axl do what he use to do best.

Axl never really ceases to amaze me, but I can’t say that I’m all that surprised by this diva-like move. I just can’t believe people are wearing Slash-inspired top hats.


Source: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images