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Kelly Brook is the Angel We’ve Always Desired

by girls   February 28, 2011 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 11,210
An oversexed archangel desperately wants to fall to earth. The only way she can is to find a man. What makes this awesome is that angel is none other than Kelly Brook.

In this sexy new commercial for Lynx deodorant, the buxom British babe plays an archangel trapped in heaven. She can only be freed if she finds the man of her dreams. Her three angel friends band together (a la Charlie’s Angels) in an effort to locate Kelly’s true love and bring her to earth. That true love could be you. The commercial ends with the question, “Will you fall for Kelly Brook?” (who wouldn’t?) and there’s an associated online game you can play to see whether she falls for you.

If angels do exist on earth, there’s a good chance Kelly Brook is one of them.

Source: Lynx

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