Canadian Women Anger Olympic Committee With Their Happiness and Drinking Problem

February 26, 2010

After winning a gold medal by defeating their American rivals 2-0 in a sparsely watched thriller, the Canadian women’s hockey team decided to celebrate the affair by bringing cigars, giant beer bottles and a few smiles onto the ice after the game. Obviously the I.O.C. was displeased by their attempt to enjoy themselves. (Nobody has fun at the Olympics!)

A spokesman from the games that have now featured athlete death, opening ceremony malfunctions, and a disturbing amount of Russian temper tantrums (looking your way “figure skater who awarded himself a platinum medal”) called the act irresponsible and not representative of the Olympic spirit.


Maybe if they got caught doing steroids afterwards it would make them fit in a little better in the athlete's village.

Screw the I.O.C and people who tell them that occasionally bathing isn't actually "unlucky." If the Canadian "women's" hockey team wants to get wasted and smoke cigars on the ice - go ahead. My grandpa does it all the time and ESPN never calls him "a manly embarrassment."

Photo: Alex Livesey/Getty Images