Solar Powered Coaster Revolutionizes Leisure

May 27, 2008


With gas prices over four dollars a gallon these days, we're all thinking about how to conserve energy. As everyone  knows, one of the cleanest, most renewable energy resources out there is solar power. It powers houses, buildings, calculators -- you name it. But I know a lot of you out there are thinking: What about my leisure? How can solar power energize and reinvigorate those times when maxing and relaxing is paramount? The new solar powered coaster succinctly answers that query.

You're probably wondering, What exactly does a coaster require power of any kind, other than gravity, to accomplish? The answer being, A coaster requires solar power to flash colored lights underneath your drink, thus increasing the level of fun your leisure can absorb.

If you feel that at this point your leisure cannot possibly increase its factor of fun, do reapprise your analysis, for it is flawed. Until you have a multicolored-light-emitting solar powered coaster under every attended drink at your social gathering, you haven't given leisure a chance at all.