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Female Soccer Player Paid for Play Instead of to Play

by girls   October 16, 2008 at 7:55PM  |  Views: 983

German female soccer professional Eva Roob has traded in her job in the pro soccer league to become a porn star. Eva apparently didn’t make enough cash playing for FC Nuremberg in the 2nd Women’s Bundesliga, so she took on a second job as a private dancer.

Pretty soon her night job conflicted with her day job. She would arrive home at 5 in the morning and need to hit the field 5 hours later to train with her teammates. Her games started to get lazy and she knew she couldn't keep doing both. She had to make a decision. She chose porn, say "football was fun but taking her clothes off was much more thrilling".

She has since adopted a stage name, Samira Summer and is already making a bang in her new career. At least she knows how to handle balls.


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