250GB PS3 Slim Coming in November

October 15, 2009

When the PS3 Slim was announced with a new, sleek design, a 120GB hard drive, and a price tag of under 300 bones, gamers everywhere cheered with glee. Now, Sony has just announced a bombshell of a deal for all the storage-hungry among us.

Come November 3rd you'll able to to score yourself a 250GB PlayStation 3 Slim for only $50 bucks more ($349) than the 120GB model.

Considering the recent releases of top-notch exclusives like Uncharted 2 and the soon-to-be released Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Sony's definitely on point with the timing of the newest standalone PS3 model.

And at 38 cents a gig over the 120GB model, it sounds like a pretty damn good deal.

Source: Sony