The Weekly Hump: Why Men Lack Empathy

February 16, 2011

Every hump day we’ll bring you a new fornication fact. This week find out why it’s not a man’s fault they have trouble with empathy.

There’s a physiological reason men are somewhat clueless when it comes to recognizing how others are feeling. It’s just not part of a man’s DNA. A new study shows that the male sex hormone testosterone reduces a man’s ability to read other people’s emotions.

The scientific reason for men's lack of empathy was discovered by researchers at Utrecht and Cambridge Universities. The researchers administered the male sex hormone testosterone to 16 women and asked them to guess the mood of the subject in a series of photographs. The results showed that the ability of the women to “mind read” or infer what a person is thinking greatly diminished once testosterone had been introduced to the body.

The results offer hope for autism research and proposes that autism may be the result of an overexposure to testosterone during brain development in the womb.

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Photo: Newtown Daly/Lifesize/Getty Images