Many Actors Line Up to Play Captain America

February 24, 2010

Director Joe Johnston, the genius who brought us greats like Hidalgo, Jurassic Park III, and, most recently, The Wolfman, has his hands full when it comes to picking someone to play Steve Rogers in Captain America. Many actors are lining up to play the Captain, and most of them make absolutely no sense.

Amongst the thespians trying to win the role of Captain America are: John Krasinski (really? that's just...weird), Mike Vogel (he was really awesome in...oh, wait, I have no idea who this guy is), Scott Porter (he's great in the Friday Night Lights show), Patrick Flueger (who??) and Garrett Hedlund, who apparently believes he is too beautiful to play many parts out there. Oh, and Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl. Yeah, what we've got is a real list of winners right here:

It's not surprising that the roster contains so many little known actors: Marvel after all cast a complete unknown as Thor, Chris Hemsworth. The role is enticing, but Marvel is known for driving hard bargains on its superhero deals. There's a salary scale, but if you're not a known quantity like Crawford or Krasinski, the offer is around $300,000 for the first film. And whoever gets the role will have to sign for another nine options for future films that include sequels, Avengers movies, or anything else Marvel decides.

I suppose $300,000 is low for an actor to be playing the lead part in a huge Marvel movie, though it's still hard to shed tears for whichever unknown actor gets the part.

Of course, just because Marvel's drawn up a short list doesn't mean any of these guys are actually going to get the part. In fact, most of them sound like very improbable choices for Steve Rogers. Krasinski, Vogel and Flueger, in particular.

Who would you cast as Captain America? Johnston has apparently already walked off the film once due to disagreements about the budget and his paycheck, Marvel doesn't mess around when it comes to negotiating. Let's just hope this movie doesn't turn out like...well, pretty much any of the films Johnston has made.

Source: Marvel