Huey Lewis Jumps on the "Pineapple Express"

July 3, 2008


Could yet another '80s revival be upon us?  Team Apatow recently recruited pop legend Huey Lewis to pen the title track for the stoner comedy Pineapple Express. The film's co-writer/star Seth Rogan was said to be hoping for a "Power Of Love" vibe and he wanted to introduce Huey Lewis to Generation Superbad!

"I met Huey Lewis because he wrote a song for the movie," Rogen revealed, confirming reports that the "Power of Love" singer lent his talents to the film. "I saw him after he saw the movie, and he was just going on and on about all the action in it and how he didn't expect it to be a full-blown action movie."

Huey Lewis loves stoner action comedies?! I gotta hang out with this guy.

The new Huey Lewis song isn’t nearly as great as his classic ‘80s jams, but I still recommend checking out the title track via the movie’s MySpace. It has the classic News horns and some decent raspy vocal work from Mr. Lewis himself. Pineapple Express hits theaters 8/8.