Mantenna - Monday, May 17

May 17, 2010

Tiger Woods’ #1 mistress is gonna pose for Playboy, jazz legend Hank Jones dies at 91, and a robot marries a couple in Japan...ride the Mantenna!

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Tiger Woods’ Mistress to Pose for Playboy

America is about to see a whole lot more of one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses. Rachel Uchitel, the first woman to be outed as one of Woods’ mistresses, has tentatively agreed to pose for Playboy magazine. According to TMZ, Uchitel has inked a deal with the mag but has the option of backing out at any time. She has also set strict rules on what can and can’t be shown in the sexy pictorial. In are bare breasts and back, out is any other nudity. Uchitel told TMZ, "I have to leave something to be desired. My family would have a heart attack.” We’ll have to wait and see whether they indeed do. [TMZ]

Jada Pinkett Smith Continues to Talk About all the Sex She and Will Smith Have

Jada Pinkett Smith loves to publicly talk about her and husband Will Smith’s sex life. It’s like she has to constantly prove to the public that the couple actually has sex. This time she was talking to Oprah. She told the Queen of Daytime Television, “To keep it spontaneous I surprise him because he's a thinker. He's always in his head. I always surprise him… Well even during the day I might send a sexy picture of some sort. Just a reminder of what's waiting at home. And if he's on the set with me, on the set of Hawthorne, he might take a little break.” Really, this is way too much information. This is quickly becoming a case of the woman who doth protest too much. [Huffington Post]

Jazz Legend Hank Jones Dies at 91

Photo: RAFA RIVAS/Getty Images

Jazz pianist and composer Hank Jones has died. He was 91. Jones, who won a Grammy lifetime achievement award last year and received the National Medal of Arts from President George W. Bush in 2008, died Sunday night at a New York hospital after a brief illness. Jones came from a family of jazz musicians and performed his blend of swing and bebop until the end. RIP Hank Jones [NY Times]

Wait, Is that Miss America Contestant's Father Ruining the San Jose Sharks?

For all seven people reading this who love both hockey and national beauty pageants, it's important (or at least interesting) to note that Miss Massachusetts is the daughter of a prominent NHL general manager. Lacey Wilson, the 26-year-old daughter of Ron Wilson, is avoiding the family career path of putting together rosters destined to choke in the NHL playoffs and choosing to pursue a 17-month career as a failed model. [Slanch Report]

Robot Marries Couple In Japan

Talk about taking your work home with you. In this example, bride Satoko Inoue, who works for the company that created the i-Fairy robot, married her client Tomohiro Shibata yesterday—with the i-Fairy acting as registrar to the couple. Inoue chose to have an extremely high-tech wedding to show how "robots would become more integrated into people's everyday lives." Guess it beats having to pay a priest. [Crunch Gear]

Massive Study by World Health Organization Finds Cell Phones May or May Not be Harmful

The World Health Organization studied almost 13,000 cell phone users over the course of 10 years to determine whether or not there's a link between the devices and cancer. Their results? Inconclusive! Even after all that time and such a large study, they claim that further research is needed to determine if heavy cell users are in danger. "The results really don't allow us to conclude that there is any risk associated with mobile phone use, but it is also premature to say that there is no risk associated with it," the IARC's director Christopher Wild told Reuters. If you couldn't figure it out in a decade with a sample size of 13,000, we think it's safe to assume there's no obvious problem here. [Reuters]

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