Allen And Ton's Favorite Hunts From Season 1

March 26, 2011
Auction Hunters is back! Premiering Tuesday, April 5 at 10PM/9c, Ton and Allen are taking their auction hunting on the road, hitting up America's biggest cities and seeing what their storage auctions have to offer. We're still two weeks away, but that doesn't mean you can't catch up on Season One. And what better place to start than their favorite episodes!

Allen's Favorite Episode: The Wild West

"Without a doubt my favorite episode from Season One was "The Wild West." I found a 100 year old Lionel Train set in a unit I only paid $1 for! A little bit of polish, a little bit of paint, and I managed to completely refurbish those antique trains after being laughed at by my auction hunting fun pal, Ton Jones, for picking up the dreaded "one dollar room." My take home on those trains and that one dollar room: $345! Not to mention that I found them a good home where I know they will be appreciated for generations to come. Who's laughing now Ton?"

Ton's Favorite Episode: Ton's Got A Gun

"I love it when I find two things I love in the same room, and what better find in Season One than the episode, 'Ton's Got A Gun.' In the episode I found a kick-ass mini-bike and a sweet 1880s Colt Peacemaker. It was hard to sell that mini-bike, and the gun was a nice piece of history, but both netted a nice piece of cash. I mean, we got $6,600 for the Colt alone! Not bad for a day's worth of auction hunting. Oh, and the episode's title has my name in it. I like that too."

It's a whole new season of Auction Hunters and that means a whole new opportunity for favorite episodes, and not just for Ton and Allen. Tune in Tuesday, April 5 at 10PM/9c for the Season Two premiere, and keep watching the Auction Hunters Facebook Fan page and for the latest in updates and exclusive content.