KGB vs Yakuza

October 6, 2010

Beggining Assessment: Kremlin's Russian spies that would kill without a second thought, comes to a bloody battle to Japan's modern-day Samurai trained killers.


Long Range: Skorpion Auto-pistol.

Medium Range: Camera Gun.

Short Range: Shoe Knife.

Explosive: Dead Drop Spike.


Long Range: Sten Machine Gun.

Medium Range: Walther P-38.

Short Range: Sais.

Explosive: Ceramic Grenade.


Skorpion vs Sten. Edge = Skorpion.

I like both these weapons because of their accuracy, but the Skorpion is also concealable, which means some random guy can pull one out and shoot you.

Camera vs Walther. Edge = Walther.

Even though the Camera Gun has the suprise feature, the Walther can kill more people since it has more bullets.

Shoe vs Sai. Edge = Sai.

I thought about this really hard, and even though the Shoe Knife also has a suprise feature with your foot, theyr'e are two Sais that can hold the knife, or your foot, and the other can kill you.

Dead Drop Spike vs Ceramic Grenade. Edge = Dead Drop Spike.

Even though the Ceramic Grenade can kill, confuse, and distract, the Spike kills, kills, and kills. If an enemy gets it, trying to find a hidden message, it can kill you, and people around you.


A six man group of the Yakuza Gang are sent to get a secret message from the Northern West. The driver of the car parks it in an old drive way that leads to the building theyr'e suppossed to get the secret message. Just in case, the Yakuza leader (which, by the way, was a woman this time) grabs their stens and walthers and other weapons to battle any unwanted guests.

The Yakuza walk into the building, and the three holding stens stay back to guard the place. As the leader and the two other Yakuza come up to a desk with a man sitting down and one standing up. The one that is standing up is holding a camera and claims he was taking pictures earlier. As the three look at the small spike shaped object holding the message, the man sitting down says, "Now!"

In a minute the picture taker rose the camera and shot a photo, only within a flash, the man guarding the left of the leader was hit in the eye. He immediately fell down, and the three sten guards opened fire. The camera shooter was killed, and the other one was thought to be. The Yakuza run away into an opened elevator, but the desk man raises up a skorpion and shoots one of the Yakuza before the elevator doors closed. KGB = 5. Yakuza = 4.

As soon as they reached the upper level, the Yakuza split up, sending one back down the stairs to take care of the injured traitor. There were gunshots, and then the Yakuza came back up with the spike message. He didn't open it yet, saving it for the boss. They started walking throughout the room and stops at a door where they see shadows on the wall. One lights and throws a ceramic grenade inside. He hears two grunt, and then the ecplosion. The thrower of the grenade looks in and sees a dead body on the floor, and then bullets flying at his face before he could shoot his walther. KGB = 3. Yakuza = 3.

The others look in and shoot, and another KGB operative died. The leader runs away from the room, the others following. They come to another hallway where one immediately is shot in the neck. The boss takes the message out of her man's pocket and puts it in her jacket pocket. She was able to run past the shooter with a great kick and it hurt the man but was ready to activate the hidden knife in his shoe. He lets the woman go, and attacks the last man of the Yakuza. The KGB was stabbed by a sai, but was able to kick the blade into his enemy's guts. Both died. KGB = 1. Yakuza = 1.

The Yakuza leader escapes the building, seeing no one else to fight. As she reaches her car she pulls out her walther just in case. She keeps one hand on the driving wheel, the other on the gun outside the window. She sees another woman exit the building, immediately knowing she's the last operative of the KGB. She shoots at the Yakuza driver but the bullet didn't past the bullet-proof windshield. She shoots back but she was able to dodge it. The KGB went full auto on the skorpion and eventually broke the windshield and hit the right shoulder of the Yakuza. A bullet also went in her stomach too but she didn't die due to the windshield obsorving the power. She did get injure and drove the car into the fence. The KGB woman raises her skorpion in victory, thinking the Yakuza is dead. She looks closer, and before she gets within range, she sees the Yakuza twisting the spike around. The KGB operative smiles as the car blew up. KGB = 1. Yakuza = 0.

KGB: 556.

Skorpion: 263.

Camera Gun: 51.

Shoe Knife: 118.

Dead Drop Spike: 124.

Yakuza: 444.

Sten: 195.

Walther P-38: 56.

Sais: 117.

Ceramic Grenade: 76.

Ending Assessment: The KGB won for their lust of blood and secretive killing ways.

Best Weapon: The Skorpion shot and murdered the Yakuza with a stunning 263 kills.

Worst Weapon: The Camera Gun only took murdering photos 51 times.