Modern Yakuzas versus. Modern Mafia

September 21, 2010

Yakuza weapons-

Close range:Dual desert eagles

Mid range: Uzi submachine gun

Long range:Howa Type 64

explosive weapons:Satchel charge

special weapons:Nunchuku.

Melee weapons: Katana



Close range: M9

Mid range: M16

Long range: winchester model 1894

explosive weapons: Dynamite

Melee: Metal baseball bat

special weapons: switchblade.


Close range: edge: desert eagle. There are two of them and easier to shoot.

Mid range: M16. More ammo and range than the Uzi.

Long range: Howa type 64. Type 64 is automatic and holds more rounds.

Explosive weapons: Satchel charge. More explosion radius.

special weapons:Nunchuku. More damage and skill.

Melee: The katana has more killing power and length.


Battle: A Yakuza and Mafioso are meeting down in a garage. The Yakuza boss asks the Mafia boss to join him for dinner. Another Yakuza comes and Plants a satchel charge on the Mafia Boss's car. The Yakuza Boss and Mafia boss sit down to dinner. the Yakuza boss Takes out his uzi and puts it under the table. The mafia boss gets suspicious and pulls out his M9. he shoots. It knocks the Uzi out of his hand. He Yakuza boss yells and stares at his bloody hand, The Mafia Boss Gets his Baseball bat and whacks the Yakuza unconcious. He walks downstairs and sees The satchel charge on the car. He takes it off and goes upstairs. He plants the satchel charge on the Unconcious Yakuza boss. He goes Back to his car. "Sayonara" says The Yakuza with the plunger. He sets off the satchel charge while jumping out at the Mafia boss. The yakuza Boss is Dead, killed by the satchel charge. The Yakuza With the plunger gets five rounds put into him by the Mafia Boss. The other Mafiosos and Yakuzas hear the explosion and set out to get one another. A Yakuza with the Howa Type 64 sees a Mafioso with an m16. He shoots him, the Mafioso backs up with bullets all over his body and falls out a window. A Yakuza with Dual Desert eagles Ducks behind cover. A mafioso see another Yakuza and shoots him in the head with the winchester. The other Yakuza pops out and puts eight rounds in the chest of the Mafioso. He moves downstairs. The next two Mafiosos run to the stairs. The boss tries to find his keys.  The next Mafioso Shoots at a Yakuza on the steps. The Yakuza shoots back. The next Mafioso throws dynamite at the Yakuza's position. It explodes. THe next Yakuza Sees The Two Mafiosos come up the stairs. He shoots both of them. One is still alive and the Yakuza shoots him, but his gun is out of ammo. He Takes out his Katana and stabs the wounded man. He goes downstairs and Sees the last Mafioso. He is shot at by the Mafioso, but only one bullet comes out. The Yakuza locks blades with the Baseball bat. He kicks the Mafioso, who counterattacks with a him to the thigh, The Yakuza punches the Mafioso, but is Immediatley his in the face with the baseball bat. He runs back and as the Mafioso gets close, he stabs him in the stomach. The Yakuza walks away and Takes The Mafioso's car.


Desert eagles-148


howa type 64-239


satchel charge-18






Dynamite: 29

Baseball bat:36


winchester: 47