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Bodacious Ghetto Blaster Reissued

by GameTrailers.com   April 23, 2008 at 6:40PM  |  Views: 181


Time to bust out those Adidas jump suits and gold chains, folks.  The ‘80s are back on track with Lasonic's (yes, that Lasonic) new i931boombox, a re-issue of the classic casette-based TRC-931 ghetto blaster with some newschool tech in the mix.  Now with an iPod dock, you can pop and lock to your favorite Kurtis Blow tracks without having to sort through all your old mix tapes and B-sides.  Solid.

For full specs, purchasing info, and a vid of the 'blaster in action, uprock your way to the cut below.

§ Supported USB flash disk and SD/MMC card to playback MP3 files
§ Enjoy your iPod without earphone
§ iPod control and charging
§ Watch video on your TV if using iPod Video
§ Good reception Tuner function (AM/FM/RBDS)
§ FM 20 preset stations and AM 20 preset stations
§ Show RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System) text on
§ LCD display
§ Alarm to wake up and sleep function
§ Accurately real time clock display
§ Separate bass and treble controls
§ Powerful speaker sound system (12W x 2)
§ EQ adjustment
§ Volume level indicator
§ AUX IN for extension function
§ Headphone jack output
§ Microphone input and volume/echo adjustment
§ Full function remote control
§ Using AC power or batteries for operation
§ iPod is not  included

PROTIP: This retails for $219 from Lasonic, but eBay resellers may have these cheaper.  Check it!