Dwyane Wade Looks Like a Man Amongst Boys While Picking on Small Children in the Park

August 16, 2010

The NBA prides itself on getting involved in the community and teaching valuable life lessons to their young fans. Dwyane Wade, for instance, recently showed a small child the importance of shot blocking while repeatedly rejecting his adorable attempts to make a basket (and enjoy his afternoon).

In the video below – taken at a World Basketball Festival event – Wade appears to find the smallest kid on the court and relentlessly taunt him with a series of demoralizing shot blocks and steals.

Ever the role model, Wade follows up the athletic display by standing over the young boy while demonstrating the value of taunting weaker opponents. (Leadership by example.)

LeBron James was not on hand to high-five Wade for his defensive prowess, but ESPN did contact the reigning MVP’s people to negotiate a 60-minute special called The Rejection, hosted by Jim Gray.




Photo: Vimeo.com