Vanessa Hudgens' New Nude Scandal

August 5, 2009

The last time naked photos of Vanessa Hudgens hit the web, the High School Musical star vowed she would be more careful and would never let it happen again. Well she wasn’t and now new topless photos of 20-year-old are spreading like wildfire.

Two years ago the Disney starlet caused a scandal when nude photos intended for boyfriend Zac Efron went public. Parents of her tween fanbase were outraged that Hudgens flaunted her sexuality in such a manner. They were concerned that her impressionable fans would copy her actions.

The nude scandal from two years ago took its toll on Hudgens, telling Parade magazine the lessons she learned for the whole sorry experience:

That’s why I’m extremely guarded. I really do try to watch everything I say. Because one little tiny slip, and it’s like the world is coming to an end! It is hard. I do always have a wall up. But I feel by doing it, I keep myself safe. I try to live my life, do what I want, and just let everything else follow along. I try not to read the blogs or what people say about me. Because that’s what brings everybody down–no matter what you do, you’re always going to have haters.

Hudgens obviously didn’t learn her lesson...or she's just desperate to publicize her first non-High School Musical film Bandslam. Some girls will do anything for publicity!


For the NSFW photos check out Egotastic.

Source: Egotastic